Do You Notice What You See? | Daniel Kerr

Daniel Kerr, an avid birder and amateur naturalist, will offer a reflection on the lost art of “noticing” and the particular opportunity the pestilence offers us to strengthen our physical and even spiritual gaze by being attentive to the ordinary things in our own back-yard.  Through attentiveness and by rediscovering the child-like delight in naming things, we can once again “see in Nature what is ours” and combat the tendency towards isolation from God and His creation brought on by the pursuit of “getting and spending”.

Daniel is the president and co-founder of Saint Martin’s Academy, a Catholic boarding school for boys in Fort Scott, Kansas, that combines classical academics with a practical work program on a sustainable farm that adjoins the Kerr family property. He is also the founder of The Prairie Troubadour, an annual symposium in honor of his father, Dr. Gerald Kerr. Daniel and his wife Katie and their six children live on his family’s farm.

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